Paper costs trees!

We all have a responsibility to take care of our shared planet – both as a business and as individuals. That’s why we have built SimplyPoster on a sustainable basis, where all the paper we use is organic and eco-friendly. 

We work with a variety of local and international aid organisations in the fight for a greener planet. 

We are particularly proud that we support the ‘Plant a Tree’ organisation. Our support and close partnership with this Danish charitable organisation means that we plant new trees in Danish forests. Our collaboration is based on the fact that we not only provide financial support, but also replant new green trees to compensate for the amount of paper we use to produce our posters.

When you buy a poster from SimplyPoster, you also become part of the fight to ensure a green and sustainable planet, while supporting the replanting of new trees in Denmark.

We do everything we can every day to become even greener and more sustainable, because if we all pull together and make a small difference, we can help get our planet back on the right track!