It’s Monday on a late spring evening in 2019 in Copenhagen. The keys to the new apartment had been handed over a few days earlier, the furniture was all moved in, but the walls were as pale as chalk. Out came the computer, and a few Internet searches later, inspiration on how to decorate the walls still hadn’t been found.

And that was how the idea for SimplyPoster was born. 

We have a passion to produce posters of the highest quality. We exist to transform bare, white walls into a story about a lifestyle. A lifestyle where the poster on the wall tells a story about your home – and about you. We are located in Denmark, and our style is Nordic.

Our passion has since transformed into a business. A business we have built based on our efforts to provide quality and personalised service to our customers.

When you order a poster, our production department handles the order manually and with precision.Your poster is produced in the highest quality, using good old-fashioned printing ink. After printing, the poster will be carefully cut by hand with a knife and ruler before being reviewed for printing errors, etc.

The process of producing a single poster is long, but the quality of the end result is well worth it! 

„Art is too important not to share“